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Complete with clear agreements

Formulate arrangements

The agreements that both parties make with each other are recorded in writing. The mediator will always consult whether it is desirable or necessary to do so in the form of a formal settlement agreement. This is a contract with binding commitments and arrangements on how parties want to end the conflict, take next steps and adhere to the agreements made. 

Create settlement agreement

Depending on the nature of the conflict and the agreement, the parties draw up the settlement agreement themselves, either with or without the help of their lawyer or lawyers, it is done by the mediator or a lawyer whom he hires, or drafted by a third party such as a notary. The costs of drawing up a settlement agreement are borne by the parties involved in the mediation.

End of mediation

The signing of a written record or the settlement agreement by both parties (the mediator never signs this) marks the end of the mediation process.

Information about mediation & approach

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