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The essence of mediation

Human cooperation

Everywhere people work together, beautiful things happen, but sometimes there are mutual discontents and irritations that can develop into personal conflicts. Often, parties have stood side by side for a long time but increasingly find themselves standing opposite each other. They can be family members, business partners, team members, employees, clients, suppliers or local residents.

When conflicts escalate

Also conflicts that occur in organisations are suitable for mediation and perhaps pre-eminently so. Although they sometimes seem to come our of nowhere, conflicts most often have been dormant for a long time and, for example, kept at a bay by daily work. As conflicts escalate and emotions run higher, adverse consequences for the organisation, team members and customers grow rapidly until things no longer ‘work’.

Mediation in a nutshell

Mediation is a special way to resolve conflicts and falls into the category of ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’. In mediation, it is not a judge or arbitrator who selects the best solution. Instead the parties themselves that have a conflict actively work together to resolve their conflicts and bridge contradictions in an open and constructive dialogue.

Crreating win-win situations

The aim is to achieve optimum, workable solutions that serve the interests of all parties involved by improving mutual understanding and communication. It provides for ‘win-win’ situations that both parties endorse and in practice work much better and are more sustainable than arbitrary settlements and half-hearted compromises.

Who is it especially suitable for?

Parties that have been working together intensively and want to continue to do so in the future because they reinforce each other or depend on each other. Sometimes both parties have other plans for the future and want to end their collaboration in a respectful way so that they can continue to meet each other later as old acquaintances or friends.

Information about mediation & approach

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