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Preparing the mediation process

First contact

Parties who are looking for a mediator can contact us separately or together. Although the parties may mention the conflict and its nature during this first contact, we will not go into it in substance. In case there is a direct or indirect relationship with one of the parties, this will also be discussed with the other party(s) to check if it raises any objections. Neutrality and independence from both parties are essential for mediators to properly perform their role.


For the mediations they supervise, register mediators of the Netherlands Federation of Mediators (Mediatorsfederatie Nederland, MfN) follow the regulations and models that the Quality Foundations for Mediators (Stichting Kwaliteit Mediators, SKM) has drawn up as manager and implementer of the MfN register. These include the mediation rules,  the explanatory notes accompanying these rules, and the code of conduct for MfN register mediators. In our mediations we also use the models for mediation agreements, confidentiality clauses, and privacy statements (sometimes rewritten in simpler terms) that MfN has drawn up. All mentioned documents can be read and downloaded on our website and that of the MfN. In consultation, we may change certain parts to better match the specific preferences or circumstances of the parties in a mediation.

Kick-off meeting

The mediation process starts with the first joint meeting in which the essence, the mediation rules and the codes of conduct for MfN register mediators, the process and the costs of mediation are explained. We record the agreements the mediator and parties make in a formal mediation agreement that both parties and the mediator sign. This meeting may be preceded by a brief introduction to both parties, individually or jointly, in order to get a first impression of each other, the conflict and the preferences with regard to the mediation process.

Information about mediation & approach

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