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Moving forward together through business mediation

Business disputes

It is a cliché and a truism at the same time: collabouration is humen work. It almost always goes well and provides beautiful, shared results and experiences. Sometimes, however, cooperation falters and irritations and contradictions increase gradually. This does not have to be a problem, on the contrary even, mutual frictions also provide the energy that is needed to take new paths and finally do things differently. Conflicts can, however, also run so high that it leads to deadlocks that hinder or even work against cooperation. In these cases, mediation can help to work things out together.

Sources of internal conflicts

Business disputes occur wherever people, permanent or temporary, work together. They can arise anywhere within organisations and partnerships and sharply divide boards, management, departments and teams. Conflicts may concern differences of opinion about a joint approach or strategic course, differing preferences about ways of working together or organisation of work processes, or a different views on the division of tasks, responsibilities and resources. It usually does not matter whether these are commercial companies, non-profit organisations, governments, associations or foundations. Within family businesses, multi-shareholder companies and partnerships, conflicts often get an extra dimension and dynamism through mutual personal relationships and financial dependencies.

Disturbed external relations

Business disputes can also arise between organisations agovernments and local residents. Examples include disagreements with suppliers or customers over (not yet) delivered products and services or smouldering conflicts with municipalities and local residents about new development plans or environmental permits. Sometimes organisations want to either settle disputes as soon as possible, break up or make new agreements so that they can continue to work together.

Resolving conflicts

If parties cannot work it out together, medation can help them to settle their conflicts. As mediator does not solve conflicts for them and will not choose between available solutions but supports the parties involved to do this themselves together. Creating and restoring a constructive dialogue is a prerequisite for exploring differences of understanding that lie at the basis of the conflict and subsequently work on a good solution that settles it. It may be that both parties have different ideas about the future, want to keep on cooperating and invest heaviley in new growth or prefer to split and end the collabouration. In many cases, with google preparation, this can be done in just a few constructive conversations, sometimes even faster if misunderstandings are cleared or a little longer if things turn out to be more complex and more parties are involved.

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Information about mediation & approach

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