Are you dealing with business conflicts that hinder future growth? Do you prefer to solve them as quickly as possible?

Solving Conflicts Together Sustainable through Mediation

FairSights Mediation helps to address business conflicts that hinder future growth. It often concerns the ‘elephants in the room’: essential problems that everybody sees yet leave unspoken. Usually they lie dormant for a long time and increasingly hinder good cooperation. Whether it concerns problems within teams, discussions with clients, customers and partners or conflicts with employees, mediation proves to be a particularly effective approach to tackle them once and for all.

Strolling elephants in the room

Dormant conflicts jeopardise future growth and development

The fact that the exact origin of the expression ‘the elephant in the living room’ is unknown does not detract from the power of the image. They exist everywhere, the unspoken ‘elephants’ that everyone is aware of but skillfully avoids. Why? Because discussing them feels uncomfortable, leads to embarrassing situations or to 'keep the sweet peace' and not (further) disturb mutual relationships. In this way, they can wander freely for years through organisations, family businesses, teams and partnerships, sometimes even in the company of other ‘elephants’. And with those years, years are lost at the same time for growth and development en to irritations at work and a bad mood at home.

Once ‘the elephants in the room’ are on the table and discussed, nearly always brings huge relief to all the parties that are involved. What is required for this? First, clearly and calmly mention the tricky subject, no more and no less, without solutions or reproaches. It is the prelude to a mediation process to examine the images and assumptions about the subject from the perspective of all concerned. When an open and secure dialogue between all parties develops and mutual relations improve, it is usually only a small step towards resolving a conflict and taming the ‘elephant’ once and for all.

Resolving conflicts reliefs and re-energises teams and organisations

What is mediation & how does it work?

What is mediation and when is it suitable to use?

The benefits and added value of mediation at a glance

The role of the mediator and the steps in the mediation process

What is mediation & how does it work?

Business mediation can do more than just solve problems

Prevent rising costs through employment mediation

Group mediation transforms faltering into powerful teams

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The preparation of a careful mediation process

Exploring the conflict to resolve it in a good dialogue

Completing the mediation process with clear agreements

About FairSights Mediation

FairSights Mediation focuses on facilitating in business conflicts during which the parties actively work together to create and realise solutions that work and are optimal and sustainable from their perspectives. This may involve conflicts within executive boards and management teams, with employees, works- and participation councils, relationships with suppliers and customers or alliances with partners. We work for companies, family businesses, governments and non-profit organisations of all shapes and sizes and across the world.

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